Dancing. Magic. Sisters. Moments.

You know those moments in life where time seems to stop and the universe aligns and for that brief moment, everything is right?

My sister and I have shared that exact same moment—about seven years apart. By now, I’m sure you all know how much dancing was a part of my life before I found writing. And my sister and I talk all the time how much it hurts to leave the world and try to live a “normal” life.

But this moment that I’m talking about happened when I was fifteen years old. The Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty is the title (and coveted) role in that production. I was cast as this part, and years later my sister would play the same role. And we both had this magical experience—when standing on stage at the finale, we knew it would be the greatest role we’d ever play—and somehow we knew we’d never have a moment like it again.

I don’t know why certain moments imprint themselves in our memories. Why some moments seem to slow down—so much so that you can feel the energy of it imbedded in your skin. Where it catches your breath and you have to pause—because there’s something different in the air—something that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

So last night, my sister and I got to go see Sleeping Beauty. Sitting next to each other in the audience, we sighed and cried in the same moments, both remembering the choreography to a tee. It was so fun! But then… we shared a moment that transported us back to the original night we performed.

At the end of the performance, we were called up on stage to be recognized as previous Lilac Fairies. And standing there, center stage, was a gift. Because it was a moment in life where we could look back and appreciate the life we had been given—the gift of being able to dance and have those moments in life to look back on, and smile.

So in a way, spending last night with my sister was healing. Although it was bitter/sweet, and it still hurts to miss what was, we still get to look ahead and have those magical memories to be our companion as we travel forward.

Red. Head. Out.

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April Nostalgia


I have a myriad of thoughts going on this month. I always get nostalgic around my birthday, where I reflect on the past year with what I’ve learned, where I am, if I’m proud of how I’ve grown, what I wish I could be better at, what I hope to accomplish in this NEXT year/etc.

It’s strange getting older. I remember when being born in the 80's didn't seem that long ago. Now I’m living in a world where kids don’t know what cassette tapes are or kids freak out when they hear we didn’t have cell phones in high school…

There are so many things I miss right now. Moments in my life that I wish I could go back and relive. But at the same time I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and I want to look forward with hope and accomplish the new goals I’ve set for myself.

But just to sum up where my mind is now, I wanted to document a few things:

Of all the places I’ve traveled, this is still where my mind resides:

I miss dancing passionately, but I can still do this:

I miss when I could read without critiquing every word. Stories like this:

I miss being able to eat all the sugar cereals in the world, without curling up in stomach pain afterwards:

I miss days where I could spend hours in my backyard doing nothing but eating popsicles and playing with my imaginary friends. (Did I just admit that?)

And lastly, I miss when I didn’t have any fear. I loved the feeling of knowing I could do anything and not fail. (Something I’m trying to get back)

It’s spring break, so hubby and kids will be home all next week. I’m nearing the end of my current WIP, so hopefully with everyone home I’ll still be able to keep pushing out the words! :) Usually when I get to the end of a project, I rush trying to JUST BE DONE, but I’m taking my time. I want to make sure I do this story RIGHT.

Red. Head. Out.