THE STRICKEN is now out in the world!!

 Hey guys! 

I keep forgetting to post! I keep most of my updates on my website. But for my blogger friends, I recently celebrated the release of The Stricken!! 

This book has been an incredible journey. I first wrote the book 13 years ago. After having 4 agents, and countless rewrites, I finally found a home for this book! 

The book was recently on the cover of Publishers Weekly, has been on Barnes & Nobles Bestseller list a few times, a #1 New Release on Amazon, already had a second print run, has had amazing trade reviews, and I had a successful B&N signing! Hollywood superstar Katherine Heigl even purchased a signed copy! 

It's been an amazing release. But more than anything, nothing is greater than receiving such incredible reviews from readers. I'm so grateful this story is out in the world! I'll post purchase links below. But first... some pictures! 

Some links! 

I hope you will purchase to support! The hardbacks are beautiful!!!


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