Why Writing Is Worth It

I find this whole writing journey fascinating.

It’s incredible what happens from the moment an author decides to put words on paper to the moment they hold their own book in their hands. The crazy thing is it isn’t even about the final product. I think the most amazing part of the process is the change that takes place inside of us.

It’s amazing what facing rejection over and over again can do to solidify our resolve and determination to stay in this business. It’s amazing what happens when we sacrifice time and sleep to create even when we don’t know if our efforts will ever come to fruition.

It’s amazing what can spring from one idea—from one moment of inspiration—when we get that spark of an idea from a song or from a thought in the middle of the night. I truly believe there is magic that lives in each of us. That there is something extraordinary that can only come from that secret part of our souls that holds all of the stories we’re meant to write. And there’s a place for all of us—a place for all of our stories.

I do think though that we have to dig deep. Deeper than we think. We have to force ourselves to re-experience moments in our lives—even the not so pleasant ones—to make it real on the page. Even if our story is on the lighter side. Because if it doesn’t come from something real, readers will see through it. They’re smart, and know when they’re being lied to.

So far in this process, I’ve also learned to embrace the hard moments. To consciously accept the lows, and know that they’re a necessary part of the process. I’ve also realized that the lows usually come after a big high! It’s important to accept all that comes with making the decision to be a writer and to be okay with it. To enjoy the ride, because it’s a privilege to even be on the ride.

I also know that good things come to those who keep working. It doesn’t matter where anyone else is on the journey, or even how easy their success seems to have come to them. What matters is our own journey, and how hard we’re pushing ourselves. Even though we might not see our own progress day to day, when we duck our heads and focus only on the words on the page, (and rewriting them however many times necessary), we will see the reward. Even if the reward is the knowledge we’ve gained or the strength we’ve developed or the transformation that’s taken part inside of us.

And that, to me, is worth it.

Red. Head. Out. :D