Jolene Takes Over Morgan's Blog


It’s Jolene Perry. Come to chat with Morgan’s peeps.
Don’t worry – it’s not Morgan bound and gagged behind me there… Just someone who looks like her…


So, I asked Morgan forever ago if I could take over her blog today, and then I forgot, so on Wednesday she got this random email from me asking her if I’d gone completely insane (she lied very nicely and said no) and that yes, in fact I had already asked her, which was good because this would have been a sad, sad, stop to miss…

Sheesh. I don’t even remember how Morgan and I met anymore… That makes me a little sad, but she’s so completely and totally awesome and adorable that I’m glad I did.

FINALLY I got to meet up with Morgan (like face to face – so she DOES have a life outside my computer. Weird.) at SCBWI in LA, and I swear all five of the women I was sharing a room with wanted to wrap her up and take her home.
(She’s a dancer. She’s flexible. It totally would have worked)

What I love about Morgan is that the more I talk to her, the more genuine she is. It seems like no one could have the kind of energy that she does and maintain it. BUT SHE DOES.
(And if she doesn’t, she’s so good at faking that one would never know…)

So, in general gratitude that I know Morgan, and that she’s awesome enough to let me read for her (her books are freaking AH-mazing) and because it’s my birthday, and because if I told you all the reasons that I adore Morgan, y’all would get bored, I’m giving away an ebook copy of any one of my books. Your pick :-D

Just leave a little comment with your email and my nine year old daughter or random org (or both) will pick a winner on Monday the 17th :-D

Morgan. YOU ROCK.

She totally let me do this without question. THAT, my friends, is trust ;-)

If you wanna see where else I am today, pop over to my blog, and I’ve got a list…


And I'm back! Morgan here... Everyone make sure to wish Jolene a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And Jo, thanks so much for your kind words and for visiting today. I've already told you I want to be you when I grow up ;) And I'm totally going to leave a comment because I want a free ebook copy of one of your books!  You're Ah-mazing, and ridiculously talented. If you guys haven't read Jolene's work, well, let me just say: *sigh* 

Red. Head. Out. :D