Alaska, Agents, and Goodreads!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted! 

But I need to get back into blogging, because I’ve missed the blogging world, and all my blogging friends! 

Personal Update: Life up here in Alaska is so fantastic. It really is Camelot. Every day is a miracle. I love the cold and the dark, and I could live here forever. 

Writing Update: I’ve just signed with Kelly Peterson of Rees Literary Agency, and I’m working on revisions right now. She is wonderful! 

I also have a YA Gothic Mystery novel coming out spring of 2020! It’s entitled, The Redpoint Crux, and I would LOVE for you to add it to your Goodreads! Here is the link: Click here.

Any updates with you? I hope you are all wonderful. I adore you all! Good to see you all again!