Drumroll please...

Yes, ladies and twitter folks, we have the results for my new sign off phrase!

The competition was steep, and even a little frightening at times, but a strong leader did come through in the end! *clears throat* Can we have the lights dimmed, please?

Okay, and the results for the honorable, honorable mentions are: (1 vote)

Pack light
I'm stronger than I book
Write on
Stay Strong
Keep it relevant, keep it real
Book mom, no hands! (yes, someone actually voted for that)
Morgypoos has vacated the building
Spot you later
Oo-de-lally (now we're just being ridiculous)

Alright, moving on to honorable mentions: (3 votes)

Take luck
Shamy out for now (SOFN)

Third place: (4 votes)

Bahahaha!!!! (Really? REALLY, people?)

...............................................dramatic break..........................................

Second place: (with a whopping 7 votes)

Shamy out!

Now, before we go onto the first place winner, I'd like to give a special award to Tymothy Longoria's original sign off phrase that still has me laughing with originality:

"Up, up... and Shamaaaaaay!"

*waits for applauds*

Annnnd cue confetti:

(Oh, and all of you people at home can turn on some Celebration by Kool & the gang, that'll help with the ambiance)


Red. Head. Out.

(With an astronomical number of 10 votes!)

I'd like to thank all the twitter peeps, facebook friends and small people out there that have made this contest possible. Without you I wouldn't have a slammin' sign off phrase and would probably be ending my post with something cliche like: "And that's the way it is."

So, on that note, I'll bid you adieu!

Red. Head. Out.


  1. Where's the LIKE button for this? :)
    Blondie out.

  2. You have a catchphrase now! One more step to Morgan-superstardom :)

  3. WOOHOO!!!! I do believe I voted Red Head Out!!!

  4. Wendy, you now have your own phrase! "Blondie out" I love it! :D

    Ryan, Morgan-superstardom??? *laughs* I'm already there, my friend. Pffft!

    Betty, Yes! Yes you did! I'm just glad "Bahahaha" didn't win! LOL.

  5. You do realize you are restricting your hairdo freedom for life with this decision?

  6. Doesn't matter - redheads are naturally awesome! ;)
    (says the guy whose main character is a redhead, lol)

  7. Hahaha- that's brilliant! ;) AND a fun conversation with the great great grandkids when you are old and grey! (or maybe even bald!) :)

    Har har har

  8. Hahahaha... you guys are soooo funny...

    Leigh, "Restricting your hairdo freedom for life" <---er...I'm not sure I'm ready for this commitment...

    Ryan, your leading lady MC is awesome! I'm lucky to be numbered amongst her!

    Thanks, Tiana and Jen! (And Jen... I'm going bald?!?!?!)

  9. I'm with Wendy-where is the Love Button?

    First of all, many thanks for the award! Oh, wow. I'm...I wasn't prepared...um, first I want to thank, oh, thank my mom and dad, God, um...uh-oh the music's starting ♫♪...um, Morgan...um...

    No wonder "Red. Head. Out" got the majority vote-it's YOU.
    And of course, I agree with Fallon, however, you can always say, "Psh. I'm a natural ginger."

    Word. :}

  10. Splendid!! Good choice, redhead!!! :D I'm not sure what my natural hair color is....used to be.blonde but now it's somewhere between blonde and brunette. So half n half out?

  11. Tym: Bahahaha!!!!! I would NEVER turn the music on you... unless it was something EPIC.

    Jason: Hahaha!!! I'm expecting "Baldie Out" on your blog from now on! You are so funny!

    Cort: Half n half out? Hmmm... Makes you sound more like a milky cream...

  12. Darn! I need to stay up on my buddies blog. I so would've liked to be a part of this flippin' fun time. Totally love Red. Head. Out. Brilliant. Makes me want to do something like this. You'll have to help me come up with one. Haha

  13. Too funny :D

    Glad you got help, lol.

  14. I'm still getting over the Red Head thing. I thought it's was slightly brown-ish? I guess that wouldn't work as "Slightly-brownish. Head. Out".

    Yeah, stick with whatchu got! ;)