Holy Catchphrase, Batman!

Since I'm new to the blogging world, and have a tendency to become obsessive with any new project I take on, I've been reading every blog I can get my hands on. (Which is surprisingly easy with twitter... if you blink, you'll miss a handful of links on the live feed within a matter of seconds)

So with my new, critical blog eye, I've noticed that a lot of people have a sign off phrase. Most of them are pretty ordinary--things like "Hugs" or "Happy Writing" ... generic phrases that make a smooth transition to your lovely signature at the bottom of the page. But shouldn't a sign off phrase be catchy? Something that separates you from the sea of bloggers trying to get their name out there?

Think: "And that's the way it is" or "Get your pets spayed or neutered" It doesn't take a genius to know immediately who those people are. (If you don't, it's okay... just don't tell anyone)

But does it work in the blogging world?


Take Tymothy Longoria's "Word." <-----Every time I hear/think/see the word "Word" I automatically think, "Tym!" It's brilliance! It's like he's sealed up his entire personality in one... well, word. Or what about Leigh Fallon's  "All the best and talk soon" <-----This instills a feeling of personal connection. It's like when she says "Talk soon,"  she cares about the reader and can't wait to chat again. (Sorry Leigh, I always pick on you)

Now, there's no way I'd be able to pull off Tym's coolness or Leigh's classy Irishness, but I do think I need something.

So what I want YOU guys to do is tell me what my sign off phrase should be. My lovely hubby and I have come up with a few options. Whichever phrase gets the most votes, I vow to use it for the rest of my blogging career! (Er... don't read the disclaimer in small print at the bottom of the page)

Shamy Out!
Write on!
Hasta la scriba
I'm stronger than I book
Take care
Good luck
Take luck
Book mom! No hands
Black, white, and read all over
Red. Head. Out.
Write away!
Keep it relevant. Keep it real
Stay strong
Pack Light
TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)
Spot you later



  1. I kinda like Toodle-oo and Spot you later, haha! :) But "Shamy out!" is pretty darn awesome.

  2. Red Head Out Toodleoo!!! Using both gets my vote:)

  3. I would recommend signing off with your trademark "BAHAHA!" but that might seem like you're plotting something evil.

    Maybe "Take luck! Good luck taking care of the luck you have." :)

    I like "Pack Light". It's unique.

  4. Bahahaha!!!!! Oh dear... that would put across an evil vibe, wouldn't it, Ryan??? ;) I thought Pack Light was funny :D

    Thanks for the votes, Wendy and Betty... Eeeeee... I like those too :D

    We shall see what wins...


    But seruiously, "Shamy Out" has my vote! Hands down! unless you want to alter it to: "Morgypoos has vacated the building". *titter*

    Enough waffle from me!

    Toodles! :)

  6. oooh BAHAHAHA...... Now that is your signature tune!!!! should be in there somewhere. On another note love your fall background on the blog:)

  7. How about "Up, up...and Shamaaaaaay!"


    This is brilliance, Morgs.

    I have a few others, "Be blessed", |m|<–which is my Prince thing, and of course...Writer love.

    This is to say that you can't really fit all your cool in one...um, word. Pun intended.

    BUT, of course I'll vote:
    I'm stronger than I book,
    Write on-which I love, of course and
    Shamy out. But I think you should edit it-Shamy...out!

    Make 'em wait!

    Seriously my vote is for those three.

    I gotta do it...


  8. Shamy out! Shamy out! Shamy out! Love it!!!!! :D

  9. OOOh, so many choices...
    I am thinking that because your hair has been Signature Morgan since you've had hair, what do ya think about
    "Head up-- Red Head Out"

    Head up because you are such a positive soul and the R-H-O conjures the perfect picture of YOU!

    I can't wait to see what you decide!

  10. Seriously laughing, guys... we've got a couple of front runners...this should be interesting...

    Although, I do have to admit, Tym's "Up, up... and Shamaaaaay!!!!" is growing on me, LOL!

  11. Great post! I'm so glad I found you through Twitter! I have a couple of favorites, Shamy out or Red Head Out.

  12. Haha! This is funny.....Hmmmmmm.....well, I do like the red head one, and "write on" reeks of coolness, but I think you should stay true to your childhood and use "Oo-De-Lally!"

  13. Ooh, Shamy Out For Now is reaaaaallly catchy...

  14. BAHAHA!
    Stay strong.
    Those are my top three picks. I don't really have a signature saying on my blog. I just do a wink face and my name. Maybe I should come up with a saying too?

    -_^ ~Shasta MacRory

  15. You are so funny.

    I like Red. Head. Out

    Or Shamy Out!

    LOL. Now you have me thinking I need a Catch Phrase.....

  16. Aw, I luuuv the kitten, Morgan! It is soooo cute! Can I have it? :)

    I'm going to have to say Red Head Out. It sounds so cool!

    Forget about Shamy Out, it's sooooooo overused on TV and in movies. Bleh. :) Like, names out, gah! Hate it, hate it, hate it!

    LOL I love your blog too! I read through the whole thing already! Cool! :)

  17. Shoot, I forgot to tell you it was me, Kim, writing that last comment!